Women's Soccer Dispute Over Equal Pay Goes to Mediation

From Forbes Magazine:

“In June 2019, the players requested mediation to find a settlement to the lawsuit. Mediation is voluntary and non-binding process which could provide both sides an opportunity to work together to maximize the revenue generating potential of the most recent World Cup Championship.  

Both sides have strong incentives to resolve the lawsuit in mediation. For the players, mediation offers a viable option to achieve their goals of receiving higher pay and better treatment, without the stress, cost, and time that is required with a lawsuit.

For U.S. Soccer, mediation is appealing since the internal workings of the organization, and the final resolution will likely remain private. A successful mediation would also allow U.S. Soccer to stop the PR nightmare in which they currently find themselves.  

Additionally, there is always the possibility of losing in court, which would be a significant blow to either side.”


Jeff Trueman