Settlement Conferences



I resolve disputes before suit and bring litigation to an end. I am a trusted deal-maker, comfortable with difficult parties.

My job starts the minute I accept a case. I work until it's settled. 

My mediation style may change over the life of a case, adapting to the needs and requests of the parties.  

Expect me to listen, ask questions, negotiate, problem-solve, evaluate, propose, and at times direct.  

I charge by the day or half-day. One to two hours of advance preparation time and follow-up efforts are included at no extra charge. Travel within a 50-mile radius is also included at no charge. 

For arbitration, I charge $350 per hour. I will not render a long-winded opinion in order to pump up the overall fee. For disputes valued less than $100,000, I will issue a final award two weeks or less after the hearing with as little or as much rationale as you need. For more complex matters, I will complete the final award, along with any findings or rationale within your time frame.


I train lawyers and judges to resolve litigated disputes.

Topics include strategic negotiations, facilitating dialog, developing process flexibility, and closing the settlement.

Per day and half-day rates. Contact me for more information.

Systems Design

Institutions and businesses save time, money, and opportunities with early and effective dispute resolution systems that produce positive results for all involved in employment matters, tort claims, and contract disputes.

Free initial consultation.

Fixed fees available, per project. Contact me for more information.

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